Three Dimensional Design Courses

Three-dimensional printers seem to be one of the inventions that most deeply affect human history. With 3D printers, people need zero muscle strength. 3D printers give the possibility to produce anything with a zero error with any material without touching your hand. These printers will cause changes in the many aspects of production from the health sector to the automotive industry, from the food sector to the aviation sector in the future. Within a short time, there will be 3d printer machines in every house and workplace that will enable us to produce the things we need in the place we are. This change will cause a transition from the mass production super factories to the individual production in the micro factories. In this sense, the three-dimensional design skill is antagonized for generations under 16 years of age as the skill that they need the most.

Autodesk Tinkercad, is a very successful three-dimensional design platform that we can use at all levels from elementary to high school. A student who follows the online content we have prepared realizes what he can design using various geometric shapes and develops his knowledge and skills by using the software on Tinkercad.com. The folder of the 3d design can be downloaded to the computer to be used for the 3d printer.

Google Sketchup is a highly successful three-dimensional design platform that should be downloaded and used offline. The software needs more detailed knowledge and skills in comparison with the Tinkercad program. Sketchup is offered especially for high school students. A student can design something he needs or imagines, inspired by the thousands of samples in the library on this platform, and quickly can get the three-dimensional prints of the design.