E-STEM Courses

STEM is the educational model of the next decades! The STEM abbreviation (although we see derivatives such as STEAM, STEM-C, STEM-H) is an educational approach that refers to all basic social sciences and mathematics  with emphasis on informatics technologies needed to be involved in production and design activities with interdisciplinary understanding using all kinds of tools. With the knowledge and skills that our children have gained in “production with informatics”, BG will actually serve as a sort of “mental toolbox” to apply the theoretical knowledge they receive in mathematics, basic and social sciences courses. Children, who blend technical skills with other disciplines, will have the opportunity to become ‘Entrepreneurial’ generations expressed as E-STEM’s first letter. BG has the understanding of informatics education as a tool rather than a goal. It offers the opportunity for the children to experience that, the Mathematics, Science (physics, chemistry, and biology), social sciences and visual arts as well have to be taken as tools rather than goals.