The schools that cooperate with the BG complete an educational year in accordance with the following steps:


    The educational institution decides to use the training of BG

  • Teacher receives training face to face.



    Users start using online contents.

  • Seminars and workshops are organized throughout the year with the support of BG



    Tournaments and festivals are organized at the end of the academic year.

  • Reports and surveys are assessed.


1.) The educational institution decides to use the training of BG:

An educational institution that wants to give knowledge and skills in the fields of coding, three-dimensional design, intelligent device design and entrepreneurship to the  students to create   ‘entrepreneurial young people who produce with informatics’ sign a contract after negotiations with our authorities. The BG carries its trainings to the students through the school / educational institution. A parent individually does not have the opportunity to purchase one or more trainings from the BG for their child.

2.) Teacher receives training face to face:

After the signing of the contract, face-to-face trainings are given to the informatics teachers for 3 days, mathematics, science and other subject teachers for 2 days (E-STEM education) and for the primary and first class teachers for 1 day.

Educational Periods:

  • June seminar period
  • August seminar period

3.) Users start using online contents:

The school announces the names of the students and teachers who will use the BG training, and then usernames and passwords are prepared and activated. From this point forward, every user can start to use their content by logging into portal from school or home. SCORM-compliant learning management system (LMS) and content allow school administrators to be able to report the time period of the users and the user’s completion rates of the courses.

4.) Seminars and workshops are organized throughout the year with the support of BG:

The parents of the schools that open the BG online platform for their students demand requests to organize workshops and seminars from the school administrators after they have witnessed positive developments in their attitudes towards computers and what their children can do with computers. In case the school wishes to organize “seminar + workshop” activities, the necessary support material and human resource support are provided.

5.) Tournaments and festivals are organized at the end of the academic year:

The HacKIDhon (open source children’s marathon) tournaments, a registered trademark of the BG, is a “clever innovation” event involving hundreds of primary, secondary and high school students throughout the country. The competitions are held every year on 3rd or 4th of May. The aim of the competition is to solve a problem with the knowledge and skills acquired throughout the education of coding, three-dimensional design, Smart device design / coding and entrepreneurship trainings. The collaborated schools participate in a team of three people in primary, secondary and high school categories. Students develop a product that will be a solution to a specific  problem by using software, hardware and design skills. The problems are delivered in the morning time, and students are given a time until the afternoon. The biggest goal of the HacKIDhon tournaments and the other informatics festivals is to improve and demonstrate the acquired skills about “production with informatics” of the students to gain self-confidence.

6.) Reports and surveys are assessed:

Each user’s actions in our online platform is recorded and has log files. Thus, educational institutions can receive individual use reports of their students as desired. In addition, each teacher can receive reports of the student and the class that was assigned to him on the online platform.

The BG improves and makes innovations in the fields of the learning management system, face-to-face teacher trainings and online contents according to the user surveys collected from the schools they work at the end of the year.