Smart Device Design Courses

Our environment has been surrounded by smart devices. There are intelligent devices behind our mobile phone, our cars, and many devices in our homes that provide the necessary services and facilities by processing with the codes loaded on the microcontrollers, collected from the sensors. For this reason, it is appropriate to define these courses as smart device design, which include electronic design and coding, rather than robotic  design. We show our children that, they can make everything around them smart by using sensors, microcontrollers, coding skills and engines.

Smart Device Design with Arduino training is done by our own workshop sets. The biggest feature of these boxes is that they show the children can design almost every smart device that they see around by using 10 sensors, one Arduino Uno microcontroller, and one breadboard, one DC motor, one servo motor, one RGB LED and various LED’s.

Secondary school students code Arduino Uno with Scratch for Arduino software, while high school students use Arduino’s own original IDE. A student following the online multimedia course content at the BG easily develops complex electronic circuits, writes the codes necessary for the desired service, and makes the system work.