BG is an online service of Inova Academy Informatics Training Center established in Gazi University Technopark. The BG was set up in 2012 by a group of academicians and by 2017 the number of students reached 100.000. BG is the biggest online education platforms in Turkey which provides “production with informatics” trainings for the generation under 16 years of age.

Since the day it was founded, The academy has succeeded in multiplying the number of students by 4-5 times every year. The BG allocates high budget, energy and time to research and development for the redefinition of rapidly changing concepts of ‘school’, ‘learning’, ‘education’, ‘knowledge’, ‘skill’ and evaluation’ all over the world. The most important goal of the BG  is to acquire skills and knowledge not only theoretical but also interdisciplinary, for generations under the age of 16, with specialists in educational sciences, educational technologies, mechatronic engineering, mathematics and science.

BG is actively conducting research activities to provide an ecosystem that will guide the ‘K-12′ educational institutions to “new innovative schooling”, which is now beginning to show itself as sparks. We present the know-how we have obtained from researches to the service of our students and teachers. We have a strong belief that our work that draws the attention of international educational institutions and investors will give ‘universal skills’ to the children that they need for their business and social life in the next 10 years.

Zerrin TOPAL

Inova Academy INC.