The quote of famous professor Howard Gardner from Harvard University “ We must equip our children with the knowledge and skills to do the work that the computerized machines can’t do” and Tony Wagner’s  quote ”My generation had it easy; we got to “find” a job. But more than ever, our kids will have to “invent” a job.” Inform about the “surprises” that the Industry 4.0 era prepare for the new generation. In recent years “HACKATHON“ competitions supported by the banks and the airline companies are being organized in different countries to demonstrate the skills of young generation to work and create values by using computers, internet and mobile devices. “HACKATHON” term is created from a combination of two words; Hack (Open Source Code) and “athon” (derived from Marathon). The individuals and/or teams who participate in the Hackathon competition are asked to solve a given problem by coding and developing applications in a limited time period. The competition is often offered to the University level age group seldom is offered to the High school age group offers dynamic platforms where young people have the opportunity to develop their skills such as teamwork, problem solving, creative and critical thinking. In addition to that, “Hackidhon” competitions are organized for the students of High School 9th, 10th grade and Middle School 5th, 6th, 7th grade to participate in teams of three, using hardware and / or software tools to develop a solution to a problem.